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[edit] March 8, 2008
哈囉,大家好呀!我非常需要你们的帮忙 。
I need lots of help!!!

Someone has to know something about me…

(translation by grumpyboy(video), flipthefrog(text))
video translation:
Mei Hui is speaking Mandarin Chinese, and talks about waking up in a cave near Kunming China, three weeks ago. She runs out of the cave into a park and feels really scared, but the scared feeling fades away. People ask her what's wrong, what's her name, does she have friends nearby. Then she felt her arm and found the tattoo. She thought it strange, and thought it meant she was sick or with disease. Somebody said, no she's not sick and later found out the tattoo meant "find the lost ring". Then she says something about being an athlete. She wonders if she got lost or was forgotten or if she is the lost ring. She wonders if there are others like her, and is she suppose to find them or are they suppose to find her. She wonders if there is anything she is suppose to do, to help them find her. She says, if you have any clues or info, please contact her.
text translation:
HELLO, hey everybody! I really need your help.
Everybody, after you've watched the video, please, tell everyone you know! There has to be somebody somewhere that can recognize who I am...

Tags: amnesia ariadne blindfold findthelostring labyrinth meihui memory tattoo 美惠 寻找圆环 失忆症

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