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[edit] Meine Reise // My journey (link)

[edit] April 16, 09:07

Ich bin von Newcastle geflogen. Ich glaube ich habe "Theo" gesehen am Flughafen aber da bin ich mir nicht sicher, es waren zu viele Leute da und ich habe Ihn nur für eine Sekunde gesehen. Vielleicht bin ich ja einfach nur paranoid.

Ich bin jedenfalls gut angekommen.

I flew from Newcastle. I think I may have seen "Theo" at the airport, but I'm not sure because there were too many people there, and I only saw him for a second. Maybe I'm just paranoid.

I arrived well, anyway.

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[edit] Notes

  • Earlier, Markus also posted this picture to his flickr:
This was determined to be the only airport in Newcastle with Fast Track Parking, called Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (between Cardiff and York).
  • Marlus is most likely in Dubai. The logo oon the plane wing is from Emirates Airlines.
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