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[edit] The Lost Game

  • This page is a reference to review and learn from past training events that have taken place around the world, practicing a lost ancient olympic sport being uncovered through the Codex of the Lost Ring, and researched by Eli Hunt on

  • Please take a look at the Yahoo upcoming events page set up by Ariadne to help organize and plan upcoming training events, to see if there's one coming up in your area! If not, talk to some people (find a Dikaiosune? Chariton?) and set one up in your area.

[edit] Events


[edit] March 30 - Guelph, Ontario

Google video: The Lost Ancient Olympic Sport: Running of the Labyrinth
Flickr photos: Labyrinth Run
Report: Unfiction forum

[edit] April 1 - Madrid, Spain

Youtube video: Laberinto de entrenamiento
Flick Album: Entrenamiento 1-Abril
Report: #1, #2

[edit] April 3 - Wellington, New Zealand

Practiced drawing human-size labyrinths before training event on 5th.

Photos: preparation
Preparation report: unfiction
Post-game report: unfiction

[edit] April 5 - Wellington, New Zealand

Their first training session. Wall and running responsibilities shared.

  • Dikaiosune: mr.judkins, co-organizing with _june (Chariton)
  • Recorded by elisa & jon
  • Material:
Google Video:
Report: unfiction

[edit] April 5 - São Paulo, Brazil

  • Material:
Youtube: Primeiro Treino Labirinto/SP
Youtube: Segundo Treino Labirinto-SP visão do corredor
Photos & Brief Report (Portuguese): In-Game Forums

[edit] April 6 - Natal-RN, Brazil

  • Organized by m0skito
  • Material:
Photos & Brief Report: In-Game Forums
Youtube: 2º Treino de Labirinto - Natal-RN Brazil - part 1
Youtube: 2º Treino de Labirinto - Natal-RN Brazil - part 2

[edit] April 8 - Zurich, Switzerland

  • Material:
Youtube Video: labyrinth running training in zurich

[edit] April 16 - Jerusalem

  • Lucie attended
  • Material:
Flickr pics: lindoriel379
Report: forum post

[edit] April 19 - Dallas, Texas, USA

  • Organized by lhall
  • Report: Unfiction
  • Material:
Flickr photos
YouTube video clip

[edit] April 20 - San Francisco, California, USA

  • Kai and Jane attended
  • Material:
Thread and report
ARGNet article
momonga's photo set

[edit] April 20 - Buenos Aires

  • Diego attended
  • Material:
Diego's photo set

[edit] May 10 - New York

  • Jane attended
  • Material:
Youtube video - Instructions
Youtube video - running

[edit] June 1 - Tokyo

  • Reports:
Noriko's Forum (translation) - videos and photos
Japanese Wiki - videos and more photos

[edit] Personal Labyrinths

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