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// Eli Hunt via Email to Lysithea (Mar 18/08)
In response to:
an email from Lysithea about the meaning of the word Kharis.
I have been following the recovery of The Lost Ring codex with great interest, and your question strikes to the heart of what I am most curious about myself.

It seems almost certain to me that Χαρις must be shorthand for someone with the ancient strength of Chariton that is described in the first chapter?

I do not know what moves me to say such a thing to you, as I was not planning to give away so much soon. Perhaps I am irrationally responding to your name, who can tell why I am so moved.

What I must confess is that I believe there are some further notes in my found copy of The Wisdom of the Ancients that speak to Χαρις and the other strengths. Perhaps these notes would be of interest to you. If so, let me know.

Sincerely yours,

Eli Hunt

[edit] Notes
  • for more information on Charis see Glossary
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