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[edit] May 30, 10:11pm

Good news. Kai promised me I don't have to get INSIDE a labyrinth to help with our next mission. (Because we all know how that turned out last time.)
Better news. YOU don't even have to live in an omph knot city to help, either!
We can ALL help design powerful city labyrinths, no matter where we live.
Here's one amazing omphalabyrinth blueprint a small team came up with, for São Paulo. I LOVE the mutli-core labyrinth design!! Now we just need great ideas like this for ALL of the cities on the omph knot list. (Post them on the forums where Kai and I and everyone else can see them!)
Here's the list of omph knot cities we know, thanks to a new algorithm Eli Hunt was working on during his travels across South America.* We're still waiting to uncover more. If you live in one of these cities, contact me or Kai right away if you're willing to receive a trackstick and be a city captain!
Bangkok, Thailand
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Manila, Philippines
Reykjavik, Iceland
Goteborg (Gothenburg), Sweden
Sydney, Australia
Melbourne, Australia
Wellington, New Zealand
New Delhi, India
Madrid, Spain
Paris, France
London, England
Munich, Germany
Vienna, Austria
Berlin, Germany
Beijing, China
Cape Town, South Africa
Vancouver, Canada
Toronto, Canada
San Francisco, CA, USA
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Dallas, TX, USA
New York, NY, USA
Boston, MA, USA
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Seoul, South Korea
Here's an email Kai got from Eli Hunt a few days ago, to help you with the details of the design.
And here's an email I just got from Kai explaining the next steps for all of us to take part in this mission. (well, here's most of the email - I took out some private things):
Ariadne, this has been a crazy week, huh? Kidnap my best friend, get kidnapped myself, get released from kidnapping. I saw that you were watching the webcast and twittering the whole way through.
I wanted to go over your plans for using the Tracksticks for the Omphalabyrinths. Here's what I propose:
The Agonothetai in each city should elect a 'City Omphalabyrinth Team Capitan'.
The Team Captain should create a thread in the forums (or maybe on the Wiki?) where people can submit Omphalabyrinth designs.
Anyone can submit designs for a city, not just the people who live there. The more designs we have to choose from for a city, the better. That's because we won't know until we really try which design will work with a trackstick. Tracksticks only work well when they have a direct line of sight to the sky! A friend of mine was playing with one in Bangkok, and she had to go out in a paddle boat on a pond, away from all of the skyscrapers, to get it to register with the satellites! So people should take that into account when they make their labyrinths -- "urban canyons" in the shadows of huge skyscrapers might not work. To be prepared, teams should have designs ready for multiple locations if they're not sure how strong GPS reception is around the city.
The team should pick their favorite designs, based on feasibility, size, and omph strength. They should email me at: with the design, and their address. Once I've got the design and it looks like it'll work out, I'll send them a trackstick if I haven't already, along with some other team agonothetai gear.
When the city Captain gets their trackstick they should go to and download the Trackstick Manager Software. IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT TO DOWNLOAD THE SOFTWARE BEFORE THEY PLUG THE TRACKSTICK INTO THEIR COMPUTER!!! Then they should read the full instructions for using a Trackstick which come along with the software.
Believe me. I didn't read the instructions fully at first... it was pretty frustrating!
One more piece of News! I've been working with some friends at a new start-up called Seero ( and they're going to help us deal with the trackstick data. So everyone should head over there and check out their service. I'll be posting detailed instructions once they finish fully integrating the trackstick data, but for now, people should check it out.
Hope things are going well! It's great to hear that Eli is back in town and that you're back on board with us! Don't worry about personal labyrinths anymore, ok?!? http://ed. note from Ariadne. YEAH RIGHT!!!
  • (If you know Ranger D, you can ask him about the algorithm, he understand it better than I do!)
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